Split Your Shared Bills

How it works.


Set Up Yor Account

Set up your profile and link your bank account.


Invite your flatmates

Invite your flatmate to use the app so you all can pay your bills.


Add your bills.

Configure the bills that are at your name or that you are paying.


Homyz works it's magic

Homyz App detects when a bill is charged in your bank account.


Get paid.

A notification is sent to your flatmates and they can pay with a single click.

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send bank paymnets and security deposit

Checkout App Features

Fully Automated Process

Get notified when a bill gets paid in your bank

Thanks to Open Banking we can get access to the transactions history from yor bank account and detect when a bill gets charged in your bank account.

Pay your fair share of the bill

If a flatmate starts or leaves in the middle of the billing period, it is only fair for them to pay the number of days that they have been in the home during the billing period.

Just tell us the date a flatmate joins or leaves the home and we will do the maths for you.

Keep track of all your bills and history

With our simplified dashboard you can keep track of all your bills and history so you check when you are spending more than you should.

Integration with major banks in the Uk.

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